Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Corrector Green Kiko

Maybe some of you may be wondering .... What is the green concealer ?! The green is the color that neutralizes redness caused by discoloration, pimples or irritation. And you will not quiet her face mottled green!
This correction is part of the Natural Concealer Kiko and, in addition to this green, has three other skin tones. The applicator has a "sponge" type lip gloss, but I do not recommend using it directly on your face because it re-inserting the applicator into the product will not do anything but take battery inside, which are the cause of pimples, so my advice is to apply a bit 'of product on the back of your hand (clean please:-P) and from there take the product with your fingers or, better still, to "work" of precision, with a concealer brush.

I am using it by mixing a bit 'green and a bit of correction' for correcting the color of my skin on the back of his hand and then apply it on the imperfections with concealer brush and tapping with a finger to fade, because without sliding tap is to keep the color more opaque. If redness and intense to be covered can also be used without "diluting", but be careful because sometimes they can make an impact a little 'off-white or lighter complexion than the rest at the point where it was applied, this advice to warm up with a green color corrector for your skin tone, but the spell will continue however, the green to cover the redness.

The color is light green crayon and its wording is creamy and can be modulated. It dries and remains opaque, so it's great to carry in her purse for quick touch-ups.

The package is very small, partly because it does not need much, and it's just very comfortable to carry in your purse for touch-ups. Contains 3.8 ml and costs € 5.50.

E 'an indispensable product for those unwanted pimples and redness in general. I recommend it for the price, and the fact that it is hard to find correction of the green between brands of large retailers, to find it necessary to move towards professional brands such as Make Up Forever, and thus higher costs.

If you have any questions just ask!
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